Printet prototype


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We produce prototypes quickly from our own or external drawings. Prototypes can be printed directly from a 3D CAD drawing, using a SLA or SLS special printer.

Plastic Production

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Manufacturing of plastic production in different batch series. Large series are manufactures by injection molding or extruding, medium series by vacuum forming or pur casting, even smaller series are often made by machining. The choice of production method is based on production quality, quantity and price.

Packaging Products

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We produce core plugs and edge protector’s in recycled PEHD or PP. We stock all sizes and deliver directly to large parts of the market in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Northern Europe.

Vrakede plastmaterialer

Trading of plastic goods

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We have developed own products that we have manufactured in Asia. Tarpaulins, shopping bags and waste bags to name a few. We also export used and recycled plastic materials in cooperation with Grønt Punkt Norway and is one of few authorized GPN traders.