Miko Edge Protector HD, DEKRA certified!

Miko Plast AS has for years provided its proprietary edge protector to the Paper industry in Europe.

This is a specially designed edge protector for paper rolls, but also used for square packages. There are large forces absorbed by the product, also insevere cold, which is a challenge. As the product is part of cargo securing of paper rolls up to 3 tons, it goes without saying that a break in the product will be critical. Miko Plast AS developed its edge protector to withstand these stresses and since 2009 has had great success with the product and delivered to Norway, Sweden, Finland, England and Belgium.For sales of equipment for load securing in Germany, the product must be approved for such use by public authorities.
Certification is done by DEKRA Automobil GmbH in Germany.

Testing was carried out through a series of tests: Friction coefficient,practical use and strength in the cold. The test was a success on all counts.