RPC is a range of paperroll securing products, made from 100% recycled PO Polyethylen/Polypropylen material.

  • No new fossil resources are used.
  • No waste or emissions are created during production
  • Production implies low energy consumption.
  • Closed loop system where materia is re-used for new products.
  • The environmental benefits of RPC products help minimize the CO2 footprint compared with producing in new virgin material.

Technical Specification:

Product: Miko RPC™
Description: Recycled Polymer Compound
Appearance: Mixed colour
Material source Recycled HDPE/PP
Colour of material source Mixed
HDPE 60–80 %
PP 40–20 %
Moisture content <=0.3 %
PET 0,1 %
Others <=500 ppm
Temperature range -30C–40 °C