Icsys create success for city bikes

Now the city bikes in Stavanger have been in use for a season and thanks to Icsys AS' new technology, they have become an immediate success.
At record speed, the new "brain" was developed so that you can now rent a bicycle via mobile phone. The technology used is a 4G Cat M1 cloud solution. Dual CAN-Bus, GPS tracking and accelerometer are also integrated, so the operator has a full overview of where the bikes are and in what condition.

We at Miko Plast AS are proud that Icsys chose us as a supplier of product development, tool manufacturing and production of the electronics enclosure.

Webinar 'Learn from the Specialists - #4 Casing design process'


StartupLab continue their webinar series «Learn from the specialists» with the OMNI network, and this time Miko Plast was invited to talk about casing design. Among the topics we covered was: design requirements, production processes, material selection, assembly etc. The speakers where Amund Eide & Nils Parborg from Miko Plast and Tor Erik Grimsrud from AXXE.


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