Miko Plast becomes BEFORM OSLO AS

We would like to inform you that Miko Plast AS has been acquired by BEFORM HOLDING AS, as of November 1, 2023.

We will now become a part of the BEFORM group and change our name to BEFORM OSLO AS. Together, we will be able to offer a larger and more advanced development and production facility in Norway.

We want to assure you that we will retain the same organization number, addresses, and contact persons. Beyond the name change, our operations will remain as before.



Strengthens the Team and continues to focus on green plastic

Our production with the main focus on the sustainable materials RPC and WPC is expanding, and we are pleased to welcome Jacques Vosser as the new Technology Manager. Jacques has extensive experience in the plastic field. He took his trade certificate in South Africa in 2005 and has since worked as a process operator and team leader in both injection molding and blow molding. Through working for companies such as Polyoak Packaging and Pharmapac, he has established solid experience in the packaging industry as well as in medical production. Design is also one of his core strengths and he has for instance been involved in developing award winning products in the World Star Awards (Plastic Awards Organization). We welcome Jacques.

6 weeks from idea to production

In late November 2020, Isskrape.no approached us and presented the idea for a new ice scraper. After a short meeting, some brainstorming and sketches, we started the design process to find a reasonable balance between producibility and ease of use. Now, some 6 weeks later the moulding tool is to be mounted into the injection moulding machine in Enebakk. We are going to produce ice scrapes of 100% recycled and short traveled plastic, RPC by Miko Plast AS.


View the NAF-testing of ice scrapes 2021 here

Small changes that benefit the environment

An example of this is the product Miko Core Plug 152 ™. Through relatively simple steps, we have upgraded the process for production and stacking of these. This makes handling easier, requires less storage space and better transport. All in all, reduced stress on the environment and lower CO2 emissions.

Case study - Collector for surface water pipe

Customer challenge is to connect 3pcs Ø800mm concrete pipes to a new surface water pipe Ø1000mm.

To solve this we measure up and construct a collector of Ø1000x3/Ø800.

The collector is produced in PEHD and is elevated into place in one part.

Challenge solved and completed.

Icsys create success for city bikes

Now the city bikes in Stavanger have been in use for a season and thanks to Icsys AS' new technology, they have become an immediate success.
At record speed, the new "brain" was developed so that you can now rent a bicycle via mobile phone. The technology used is a 4G Cat M1 cloud solution. Dual CAN-Bus, GPS tracking and accelerometer are also integrated, so the operator has a full overview of where the bikes are and in what condition.

We at Miko Plast AS are proud that Icsys chose us as a supplier of product development, tool manufacturing and production of the electronics enclosure.

Webinar 'Learn from the Specialists - #4 Casing design process'


StartupLab continue their webinar series «Learn from the specialists» with the OMNI network, and this time Miko Plast was invited to talk about casing design. Among the topics we covered was: design requirements, production processes, material selection, assembly etc. The speakers where Amund Eide & Nils Parborg from Miko Plast and Tor Erik Grimsrud from AXXE.


For more details on StartupLab

Learn more about Axxe

Further information on the Omni network

Quickreloader is launching new product

Miko Plast AS congratulates Quickreloader on launching its product for fast reloading in collaboration with Pinewood AB.
We have had the pleasure of assisting in the development of the product and organising deliveries.
The hunt starts in many places today, happy hunting!
For more information, Click here                          Nils Henrik Parborg -
                                                                           Project Manager/Engineering Miko Plast AS

Transportsikring fra Miko Plast

Recycled plastic for safe packing of cargo

Our transport safety products in recycled plastic (RPC) has been published on The Explorer: Greentech from Norway. The official marketplace for norwegian sustainable solutions.

High-density plastic for transport protection leaves a large ecological footprint. Miko Plast’s shipping products, however, are made with 100 per cent recycled materials in a closed-loop process.

Transportsikring fra Miko Plast

Plastic pollution is a growing threat. Greenhouse gas emissions from the plastic product life cycle are expected to reach 1.34 gigatons annually by 2030.

High-density polyethylene (PEHD) and polypropylene (PP) are robust plastics with extensive applications. In the shipping industry, PP and PE are the materials of choice for millions of transport safety products. Although PP and PE are considered non-toxic, they are seldom recycled or re-used, creating huge problems with plastic waste.

High-density recycled plastics

Miko’s plastic products – RPC™, or recycled polymer compound – is made from 100 per cent recycled PP and PE. This means the products are created without using any new fossil resources. Instead, discontinued products and scrap materials are added back into the close-loop production system.

The RPC is engineered to last, thanks to a unique process which maintains the original quality of reclaimed materials. This gives Miko Plast’s Edge Protector™Core Plugs, and other RPC shipping products high durability.

The low-energy, hydro-powered production process is 100 per cent emission-free.

Concrete benefits

Miko’s range of RPC transport safety products prevent loss of goods during transport, even under high loads, high pressure, and during large temperature fluctuations. The reclaimed materials make the products cost-effective, without contributing to the global plastic crisis.

Miko also offers special arrangements for buying back their products once they are no long in use, for further recycling.

Market potential

Miko’s products have a range of applications for cargo protection and are certified by Dekra Automobil GmbH.

Established in 1998, Miko Plast supplies a dedicated range of products for load securing, as well as services for manufacturing new plastic products. Services include design, engineering, prototyping, tooling, and in-house production.

As published on https://www.theexplorer.no/solutions/recycled-plastic-for-safe-packing-of-cargo/

For more information around RPC, kindly click here.

All you need to know about bioplastics

Useful details and information about bioplastics, assembled by Nordic Bioplastics organisation.

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