Ideas can vary, from the revolutionary and the ingenious, to the minor or major improvements of existing solutions. It does not matter what kind of idea or where in the process it is, our long experience makes us a valuable partner in developing the idea further.

konstruksjon - teknisk tegning


Do you have an idea? Miko Plast knows how your idea will come alive.


Our engineers design your product directly into production-ready parts. No need to do the job twice.

3D drawing


When the product is designed we can simulate how its properties will be affected by external stress. Before tool-development, we simulate the production properties of the parts so that the tools are built the right way.


We 3D-print so you can see and hold your product. We can also machine prototypes if you need to test mechanical properties.


We supply molds from partners in Europe and Asia. These are suppliers that we for many years have built up logistics and quality systems with so that we can guarantee their work. All tooldesigns are made or approved by us.


Our production plant is located 20 minutes from Oslo. The production is well equipped and 100% automated, this is why we have competitive prices.