Small changes that benefit the environment

Miko Plast AS has worked with packaging and automation of its own products and managed to half the packaging used and increase quantity per pallet by 40%. This means less CO² footprint in total.

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Case study – Collector for surface water pipe

Customer challenge to connect 3 concrete pipes to a new surface water pipe.

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Icsys create success for city bikes

We at Miko Plast AS are proud that Icsys chose us as a supplier of product development, tool manufacturing and production of the electronics enclosure.

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Webinar ‘Learn from the Specialists – #4 Casing design process’

Step by step introduction to the casing design process. Starting with the initial important considerations, and going through the use of different production methods and most common plastic materials.

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Quickreloader is launching new product

Miko Plast AS congratulates Quickreloader to the successful launch of its product for fast reloading in collaboration with Pinewood AB.

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Transportsikring fra Miko Plast

Recycled plastic for safe packing of cargo

Our transport safety products in recycled plastic (RPC) has been published on The Explorer: Greentech from Norway. The official marketplace for norwegian sustainable solutions!

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Major advantages when using Miko WPC™ core plug

New WPC™ core plug provides several advantages and spares the environment for unecessary carbon dioxide emissions.

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New member in Nordisk Bioplastförening

Miko Plast AS wishes to act as an example in its work to produce products without negative impact on the environment.

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Støpsel i plas til lavinesøker

Sknow Digital Avalanche Safety

Miko Plast AS is proud to provide plastic-know-how and machined components for Think Outsides SKNOW.

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RPC logo


By producing in recycled material we have zero outake of new fossile resources.

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