Plastic Production

Manufacturing of plastic production in different batch series. Large series are manufactures by injection molding or extruding, medium series by vacuum forming or pur casting, even smaller series are often made by machining. The choice of production method is based on production quality, quantity and price.

From the start of a project, we take account of the production method which is best suited for your product and the quantity that will be produced in. This means that we come out with the right processes and the right prices.

Explanation of the various outputs
Drawn from Store norske leksikon (Norwegian Encyclopedia)

Injection molding; In an injection molding machine, the plastic is heated and processed in a cylinder with a screw plunger which pushes a measured amount into a cooled form.

Extruding; In an extruder the thermoplastic is heated and processed in a cylinder which continuously presses the plastic through a nozzle which gives the product the desired cross-sectional profile. It passes subsequently through a cooling bath.